Can you believe how quickly 2021 has flown past? I'm always surprised when one year comes to an end how much I was able to accomplish in the time that's passed. As I wrap up 2021, I thought I'd put together a fun list of 2021 Sacramento Pet Photography Superlatives - including some of the sessions and pups that stood out during this incredible year.

If your pup didn't make this list, don't be discouraged! As much as I love every client and cherish the memories we create together, I simply didn't have time to highlight every session.

best head tilt: lola

There was no competition whatsoever for this category! While I've seen some pretty cute head tilts, Lola absolutely took the cake during her Tails of Sacramento session.

most glamorous eyelashes: ollie

Seriously, though, Ollie has some seriously jealousy-inducing eyelashes. I mean, just take a look at how long those babies are!

cutest duo: finn & pierre

Finn and Pierre's mom purchased their session at a silent auction benefiting the Placer SPCA. She'd had paintings done of her previous dogs, and when she saw my work, knew she wanted to have her two current dogs photographed. Their adorable family braved 3 rain reschedules followed by sweltering heat to capture their images.

most tissue-worthy moment: balto

I love a magical moment between a dog mom and her pup, and Balto's session for our 2022 Resilient Dog Rescue calendar absolutely melted my heart! As a service dog, Balto and his mom share a special bond, and I felt incredibly honored to be given the opportunity to capture that.

most athletic: ashe

This was a tough choice as I got to photograph several very athletic pups out at Folsom Lake this past spring. But Ashe, here, had the stamina of the Energizer bunny. We spent most of the session letting her catch her frisbee and run up and down boulders.

most photographed: leo & malcolm

I still can't believe it - but this was Leo & Malcolm's third time being photographed by me. Their first session was in 2020 as part of my Tails of Sacramento book, followed by two session in 2021 - including my first ever maternity session and a Christmas Tree Farm Artisan session. It's always a blast to photograph them (mostly because we never know what they're going to do!).

youngest pup: Barkus

This cutie here was only six months at the time of his session, and he sure was full of puppy energy!

oldest furbaby: vito

At almost 15 years old, Vito was definitely the oldest furbaby I got to photograph this year. His family wanted to make sure they had photos to remember him by when he's gone, and we spent a wonderful afternoon strolling around the Capitol Park, letting Vito just chill and sniff to his little heart's content.

biggest doggo: rye

Not only was Rye (a purebred champion Saint Bernard) the biggest pooch I photographed this year, he also left the biggest strings of slobber on me!

sweetest smile: dottie

Dottie is another repeat client (starting the year off with my Tails of Sacramento book and finishing it with Christmas tree farm photos) who absolutely loves people! She goes to work at her mom's medical practice, where she has her own coat and gets to share her love with the patients.

best hair: finn

Who doesn't love that perfect floof of a golden retreiver? Finn was the cover winner for the 2022 Resilient Dog Rescue calendar, where he got to show off his incredibly luscious locks!

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Don't forget to continue following the blog circle to see how our other pet photographers wrapped up their year. Up next Marika Moffitt of Dirtie Dog Photography in Seattle, shares how the grief of losing her Soul Dog in 2021 inspired her to create the Soul Dog Journey Project.

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