As I wrap up 2022, I thought I'd put together a fun list of 2022 Sacramento Pet Photography Superlatives - including some of the sessions and pets that stood out during this incredible year.

If your furbaby didn't make this list, don't be discouraged! As much as I love every client and cherish the memories we create together, I simply didn't have time to highlight every session.

cutest duo: Stella & Sheba

Who doesn't love when a pair of pups includes one little and one big?

oldest pup: Cookie

This little darling is an incredible 18 years old and only weighs 2 pounds!


The cutest little nugget (I may be a little biased since he's my parents' new puppy), Yoshi got his very own photoshoot at just 8 weeks of age (and he rocked it!).

most envy-worthy hair: jaxx

I have to admit - I'm a little jealous of Jaxx's hair. When Jaxx and his mom showed up for their session, his gorgeous mane and tail were brushed to perfection!

most pets photographed in one session: bock family

This family photoshoot included their 2 dogs and 2 horses, and a couple of the goats even snuck in for a few shots.


Rosie's session was the only one at the American River this year, and we all had a blast getting to play with her in the water.

easiest dog to work with: murphy

Murphy was one of the few dogs I photographed this year who got to be off-leash (during both his sessions). He's such a great listener, and eager to please both his parents, which made him an absolute joy to work with.

most challenging dog to work with: omega

It's not uncommon for pet parents to worry that their furbaby won't behave well enough for a session, but after working with my own reactive dog, Omega, I promise that every other pup feels like a breeze to work with. Unfortunately, with his anxiety around new places, new people, and noise phobia, it's almost impossible to get him to focus during a session. We make it work, though, and make sure he gets to have fun while doing it, too.

Hoping to see your pet on this list next year? Book your 2023 pet portrait session now.


Don't forget to continue following the blog circle to see how our other pet photographers wrapped up their year. Up next BARKography by Kim Hollis in Charlotte NC shares her favorite dog photos of 2022.

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