During Ordering Appointments, my clients who purchase wall art are faced with a dilemma - should they choose metal, canvas, or traditional framed prints? While I love my float-framed metal and float-framed canvases, my preference is always towards traditional prints in a very specific favorite frame of mine. Do you have an inkling what that frame might be?

If you guessed the capped whitewashed barnwood frame, you know me too well (or you've seen me post about it before). Yep, of all the frames I offer my clients, this one is 100% my favorite...and my love for it must be rubbing off on my clients. Last year, of all the wall art I sold, this particular frame was the most popular, and the trend seems to be continuing into this year.

I mean, what's not to love about this frame? It's made from reclaimed barnwood, meaning it's eco-friendly, and every single frame is unique. The cap provides a finished look, while the whitewashed interior border gives the print the look of being matted without using an actual mat, which is a huge bonus since I don't mat my prints.

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