Have you considered hiring a photographer to create portraits of you and your furbaby? Did the thought of getting in front of the camera terrify you so much you decided against it? Or you decided to hire a photographer, but refused to be in any photos with your pup? You're not alone. I want you to think of this, though....in five, ten, however many years...when your pup is gone, wouldn't it be nice to look back and see the connection the two of you shared?

I get it. Getting in front of the camera can be scary. We all wish we could lose some weight, fix the bump on our nose, or change [insert your least favorite body part here]. I say go ahead and get out of your comfort zone so you can capture those memories with your pup to cherish in years to come. But if you're absolutely boots-shaking scared, I'm here to tell you that you can capture those captivating images showing your connection with your pup without being fully in the images.

focus on the details

One of my favorite ways to get pet parents in front of the camera when they're uncomfortable is to focus on some detail shots. Maybe you have a favorite pair of boots, a designer purse, or something other fun accessory that's part of your style. Let's show it off - with your pup of course!

Alaskan malamute photographed lying in the grass, tucked in next to her mom's cowboy boots

Caddi, showing off her mama's cowgirl boots

shoot from behind

Another fun way to include all you camera-shy pet parents is to photograph you interacting with your pup with your back to the camera. This works especially well with pups that like to be held over your shoulder like a baby.

A Scottish Terrier wearing a tartan harness, photographed being held over her mom's shoulder

Tulip being held by her mom

walk the dog

One of the most popular methods I utilize to include pet parents is to ask you to take your pup for a walk - towards the camera. This is a natural interaction for you, and I will often photograph you from the waist down. Your pup gets to be the star of the show, and we get to document you and your pup doing something you love to do together.

A Boxer being walked down the road by a man in a blue suit

Lexilou being walked down the road

through the legs

Similar to walking the dog, I may ask you to stand with your legs apart and have your pup either sit or stand in between your legs. Again, we're only capturing you from the waist (or lower, depending on how small your dog is) down. This is especially great if you have some fun shoes to show off!

A Rhodesian Ridgeback photographed sitting in between his mom's legs in the middle of a park

Bodega sitting between his mom's legs

create a silhouette

Silhouette shots are super fun to capture at the end of the session, and since you end up being just a darkened shape, many pet parents are open to trying this out. I love shooting a variety of poses, from just standing with your pup to showing off tricks like shake or high five.

Silhouette of Belgian Malinois photographed showing off his shake command

Arawn showing off his "shake"

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