You've finished your Portrait Session, but now you have to decide how you want to display your final images. Most pet parents automatically assume they want to purchase the digitals from their session - but what are you going to do with that USB? Drop it in a drawer and forget about it?

One of my favorite things about being a pet photographer is helping Sacramento pet parents find the best way to display their images - for many (even if they don't know it yet), that's hanging them as beautiful printed artwork on their walls. Better yet, it's creating a custom wall art gallery that will remind them of the pets they love so much every time they look at it.

You might be thinking "I don't have space for a gallery" or "I wouldn't know the first thing about designing a wall art gallery." I'm here to give you a few tips on creating your dream wall art gallery. And don't worry - if you book a Pet Portrait Session with me, I will walk you through designing your own custom gallery - step by step.

make a statement

Don't be afraid to print your images big and bold to immediately draw attention to them. Most people are so used to seeing printed images as 4x6s that they think anything over 8x10 is huge. Well, I'm here to tell you otherwise. I actually don't offer wall art smaller than 16x20, and my preferred size for most images is between 20x30 and 30x40.

Let your art be large and in charge!

tell a story

One of the best parts about displaying wall art is you can use multiple images to tell a story about the subject. Do you have a dog that competes in agility? Hang multiple images of her competing on different obstacles. Or maybe you just love your pup and want to have a reminder of the bond you share. Create a gallery including some images of you and him together.

find a unique or overlooked space

You may not think you have enough space in your home for a gallery. However, you don't need a huge living room wall in order to hang a gallery. Look for those unique or overlooked spots in your home. Just about any empty space can be transformed into a gorgeous gallery wall.

I find that one of the most overlooked spots in homes is the staircase wall. Most people think of wall art galleries as having an overall square or rectangular design, which can look out of place on an angled wall space. However, by playing with different sizes and arrangements, a staircase wall can become the perfect home for your printed artwork.

Ready to create some beautiful artwork for your own incredible wall art gallery? Book your session now!

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