our first snow day on the new property

In case you didn't know, my husband and I bought a house on five acres in Placerville earlier this year, and we (and the dogs) have been absolutely loving it! It's long been our dream to have enough land to be semi-self-reliant, raising and growing much of our own food. We also wanted to be somewhere where we would get a little bit of snow in the winter - not so much that we would be constantly worrying about getting snowed in, but enough for the dogs to enjoy (and maybe have a white Christmas). Well, we definitely got our wish in the snow department.

The most recent storm that swept through left our property looking like our own personal winter wonderland. We ended up with 2-3 inches of snow - just enough for some fun without hampering us from going about our daily activities. All three of the dogs (and the cat!) each got their own snowy photoshoot, and then we let them run around our front pasture having the time of the lives.


Anya, our 9-year-young German Shepherd/Husky spent most of her time exploring the pasture and hunting the ever-present gophers and ground squirrels that plague us. She's always had an extremely high prey drive so this was like heaven for her.


Omega is always a fun challenge to photograph. Because of his anxiety, it can be difficult to take him to places he's unfamiliar with. So having snow on our own property, the place where he's most happy and relaxed, was a dream come true. He had an absolute blast playing fetch in the front pasture, watching Anya hunt rodents, and chasing Arawn around before he settles in for a few photographs.


This might actually be one of my favorite photos of Arawn EVER. When I think of him, this is exactly the face I picture - the intense focus that comes with being a Belgian Malinois. And the best part? How the snow complements his sugar-dusted muzzle. At first, it induced anxious thoughts. "He's not allowed to be getting old yet." But now we've begun to embrace his graying muzzle as a reminder of all the wonderful time we've spent with him, and all the wonderful time we still have left with him.


Chex is not an outdoor cat, though he likes to think he is, and often sneaks out when I'm letting the dogs out to potty in the dark. My mom and I took him out on a harness and leash earlier this year so I could photograph him in the wildflowers and he loved it. Since he's never seen snow before, I couldn't wait to let him go out and explore it on our property....and explore it he did! Like most cats, Chex is a master at RBF (maybe it should really be called RCF...Resting Cat Face), but I promise he was having the time of his life. So much so that I almost couldn't catch him to bring him back inside!


Ready to have your own pup (or adventure cat) photographed having a blast in the snow? I'll be scheduling snow day artisan sessions in Tahoe in January. Make sure you get on my VIP list to be the first to find out details here.


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