Have you been thinking about having portraits done of your pup, but the thought of booking a session overwhelms you? Or maybe you're ready to book, but you just don't know how to get started? Then you're in the right place!

Getting started with your custom pet portraits is a breeze for Sacramento pet parents when you follow my easy guide! I'll walk you through what my booking process entails, then leave with a quick link to get started. Ready? Let's go!

Super popular folio box, which includes 20 of your favorite matted or mounted prints.

Where it begins

Every Pet Portrait Session starts with a complimentary no-obligation Phone Consult. After your initial inquiry, you'll receive an email with a link to my calendar so you can select a date and time that works with your schedule. At the scheduled time, I'll give you a quick ring so we can chat about your furbaby and talk about what you're hoping to get out of a session. This is a quick, informal conversation that gives both you and me the chance to connect and make sure we're the right fit for each other.

Spoiler alert: I want you to get the most out of your session and walk away with incredible art of your pet. I know that I'm not the photographer for everybody. If for some crazy reason we don't vibe or you decide I'm not the photographer for you, no hard feelings! I'll be more than happy to recommend another photographer who might suit you better.

Not a fan of talking on the phone? As a self-proclaimed introvert, neither am I! If you'd be more comfortable with a Zoom call, let me know, and we can switch it up. And remember, this call is all about your furbaby. So no need to worry about small chat or awkward silences - we'll be chatting about the thing you love most!

planning your session

The final thing we'll do during your Phone Consult is pick a date and time for your Planning Appointment. This 30 to 60-minute appointment is held either over Zoom or at your home. I always recommend your home if you're comfortable for a few reasons:

  1. Your pup will have the opportunity to meet and become comfortable with me prior to your session.
  2. You can show me all the fun places in your home that you're considering displaying the artwork we create with your images. I bring samples, paper, and painter's tape with me so you can even get a sense of what different sizes of wall art might look like in your home.
  3. You get to physically see and feel the quality of the artwork that you'll be purchasing.

During your Planning Appointment, we'll talk more about your furbaby (duh!), discuss expectations for the session, and talk about how to prep for the big day. We'll also use this time to look at product samples and make some artwork selections. As my husband likes to remind me, I never travel light! You'll have the opportunity to look at and touch a number of samples such as framed prints, metal prints, albums, folio boxes, acrylic blocks, and more. While you don't need to make any final decisions about artwork at this point, getting an idea of what you're interested in will help me better prepare for our session.

The last step in the Planning Appointment is selecting your date and location, and paying your retainer. While I always come prepared with a list of my favorite spots in the greater Sacramento area for sessions, I'm always open to suggestions such as your pup's favorite park or the dog-friendly brewery you hang out at on the weekends. We'll pick a location together that will best suit you, your pup, and the style of image you want to display in your home.

Custom 32x30 framed collage.

I can't wait to help you and your furbaby start planning for your customized experience with Kylee Doyle Photography! Ready to take that first step towards booking a Pet Portrait Session for your pup? Get started now.


Don't forget to continue following the blog circle to learn how other pet photographers are conducting their inquiry and consultation processes. Up next is Jo of Jo Lyons Photography explains what to expect from your discovery call. The first step to having stunning imagery and artwork of you and your dog.

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