"My dog is a little camera-shy"

Does this sound like your pup? Don't worry! It's not uncommon for our furry friends to be intimidated by having a camera pointed in their direction. For some dogs it's the strange noises cameras make, for others it's the novelty of the camera itself or the person behind it. Whatever the reason, I've got some fun hacks to get your dog to look at the camera during their session.

will work for food

First off, if your pup is a little nervous about the camera or the noises the camera makes, we'll start with a short training session to ensure he's comfortable. I always carry several different treat options so I'll let him investigate the camera, treating him when he gets close to it or when it makes a noise. We'll play this game until he no longer sees the camera as a threat and instead associates it with food. If at any point during the session I notice him becoming nervous around the camera again, we'll stop and play our little game to reinforce that the camera is a good thing.

novelty noises

Another option for capturing your dog's attention is my arsenal of noise makers, which I never come to a session without. While I might look a little silly with a hunting lanyard and 6-8 different hunting calls around my neck, I guarantee they can do the trick. Just take a look at Charlie below. In a distracting urban setting all it took was the squeak of one of my calls to bring his attention right back around to the camera.

Since most noises are only novel for a few issues (for some dogs it's only one), I carry a wide variety with different types of noises. When your dog tires of one noise we can move on to the next. I'm also not afraid to make some pretty ridiculous noises myself (most dogs love a good slurping noise) or play funny noises on my phone.

Ready to see what kinds of fun expressions and head tilts we can get from your pup with my arsenal of noise makers and treats? Book your complimentary Discovery Call now to start planning your Pet Portrait Session.


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