Boredom is the worst. When I’m bored, I find myself mindlessly scrolling through social media or binge-eating those cookies I found in the back of the pantry. But it’s not just us humans who fall into bad habits though. Dogs do too.  


One of the easiest ways to keep your dog blissfully busy is exercise. My pups love going for walks or chasing each other around on our 5 acres. 


While physical exercise is important for dogs, they also need to keep their brains busy too! Here are a few quick tips to enrich your dog’s environment to help them stay mentally and physically active (and more importantly, out of trouble).

Tip # 1: Fill a Kong with goodies


When Omega’s feeling a little stressed or bored, he loves his filled Kongs. I fill them up with his favorite snacks - peanut butter, Greek yogurt, kibble, fruit - and freeze them for easy access when they’re needed. Trust me—this will keep your pooch happy and busy for hours!

Tip #2: Try a puzzle toy


Puzzles really keep the brain going and challenge your dog’s mind. I really like the Nina Ottosson by Outward Hound puzzles. They come in a variety of styles with different levels of difficulty so you can switch it up depending on your pup. You can find them at most major pet supply stores or online at This one seems to be one of Omega’s favorites.

Tip #3: Put on some Yo-Yo Ma

If you work outside the home or plan on being away for a while, leave some music on. Omega loves listening to Yo-Yo Ma and classical music. I’m a big fan too! Music is great for enriching the environment but also can help to drown out other noises, which is helpful if your dog is easily stressed by noises outside the home.

Pro Tip: Test out the music you’re going to play for your pup before you leave the home. You want to make sure the music is actually calming for your dog and not causing added stress, and that the volume is at the appropriate level.


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Do you have a trick up your sleeve for keeping your dog entertained? Let me know in the comments below.

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