Nestled in the heart of downtown Sacramento, the California State Capitol Park is a 40-acre park that's the perfect backdrop for your portrait session with your furbaby. With beautiful gardens, fountains, and historical landmarks, this park is full of variety, which is especially perfect for pet parents who are looking to create an album of their favorite portraits. I've highlighted a few of my favorite areas to use as stunning backdrops for your pup in the park.

state capitol (from the back)

There's a wonderful tree-lined road leading to the back of the state capitol building that gets the most perfect light just before sunset. Depending on how close you are to the building, you can utilize either towering cypress trees or the perfectly manicured orange trees as your backdrop. This is one of my favorite spots to photograph your pup walking - both by himself and with family.

state capitol (from the front)

If you're looking for a nature-meets-urban vibe for your session, this is definitely the spot to be. When it's less busy, you can make use of the steps leading up to the capitol building, or the greenery that's thriving right alongside.

lots of gardens

With 40 acres to explore, you'll find there's a wide variety of gardens and plants to photograph your pup in front of. The two largest gardens are the World Peace Rose Garden and the (unnamed) cactus garden. But there's also lots of other smaller planting areas scattered throughout the park, as well as magnolia and camellia trees that bloom in the late winter/early spring.

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