Is your dog social, making friends everywhere he goes? Is she nervous around other dogs or strangers? Does she love to run around in open grassy fields? Does he prefer snuggling up with his favorite human in a quiet, cozy spot? No matter what your dog loves to do or his level of sociability, I've got the perfect spot to photograph him, and I can't wait to share some of its hidden treasures with you.

If you follow me on social media, you've probably seen me share this spot in my stories - it's one of my absolute favorite places to photograph dogs because of its diversity of backdrops. With over 355 acres to explore, this place is even perfect for reactive and/or anxious dogs who need a more private space for their photography session.

What is this magical place? Gibson Ranch, a regional park in Elverta, located about 15 miles north of Sacramento.

Miles of trails

One of my favorite parts about Gibson Ranch is that there are literally miles of trails to explore. If your pup tends to be reactive, we can turn our session into a fun adventure and take him out to explore the many trails where it's likely we won't see any other dogs or people. Most of the trails are wooded, making for a comfortable, shady walk and giving us a gorgeous backdrop for your images.

bridges & fences

Gibson Ranch is home to my all-time favorite bridge, which is a short walk from the parking area. It's cute and rustic, and is the perfect spot to stop for photos of your pup by herself or with you. There are also a number of fences in varying colors and sizes that can add some fun variety to your session.

the pond

No trip to Gibson Ranch is complete without a final stop at the pond. Swimming isn't allowed in the pond and it's home to more geese than I thought could be possible, but it's 100% worth the stop. There are two piers that stretch out into the water and provide lots of opportunities for individual photos of your pup, photos of the whole family, and more intimate moments between just you and your pup. If we're really lucky, we might even get some amazing fall colors or gorgeous clouds to act as the backdrop to what could be a stunning wall art piece.


Don't forget to continue following the blog circle to read about other pet photographers' favorite spots. Up next Courtney Bryson takes you behind the scenes at a private location in Eatonton, GA that's perfect for anxious or reactive dogs.

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