One of my favorite images to capture during your pup's photography session is the "Lookdown." Other names include the Soul Searcher, the Owner's Eye View, and probably some other creative takes (if you have another name for it, definitely leave it in the comments at the bottom of the page).

the lookdown

This image captures your pup as you see him every day - from above. Although this isn't a unique shot (How many images like this do you have on your phone?), it's one I always love to include just for that reason - because when you think back to how you saw your furbaby, this pose will most definitely come to mind. The lookdown is also great for emphasizing your pup's face or drawing attention to a specific feature such as a cute underbite, oversized ears, or different colored eyes.

variety with the lookdown

Even though you may have a million photos of this pose on your phone, don't worry! I've got lots of ways to use the lookdown to create variety in your session. From using different elements to frame your pup, to having them get up on objects like rocks and benches, every lookdown is unique!

Ready to capture your pup's own lookdown shot? Inquire now about scheduling a session, then head on over to my 7 Must-Have Dog Photos blog to check out some of my other favorite images to include in your dog's session.


Don't forget to continue following the blog circle to read about other pet photographers' take on the lookdown (also known as the soul searcher). Up next dog photographer Tracy Allard of Penny Whistle Photography shows you a fun image that she includes in every pup's photo shoot whether in her Carrollton studio, or on location around the Dallas - Fort Worth metroplex.

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