For those of you who follow me on social media, you might remember I hosted a 12 Days of Christmas giveaway back in December....I know, it already feels like it's been ages since Christmas. Thanks to the many COVID-related restrictions and the weather, we had to postpone the winner's session until recently. That's okay, though, because it meant we got to take advantage of some seriously killer spring weather!

We decided to do the session at Gibson Ranch out in Elverta. If you've never been, you should definitely check it out! There's a pond, horseback riding, soccer fields, trails, dog park, and more. They also host events, including an annual pumpkin patch. As part of the Sacramento County Regional Park system, there is a $5 entrance fee, but it's 100% worth it (don't skip paying the fee or you might end up with a $100 fee....also, it's just plain rude). So who participated in the giveaway session? Alexis, her husband, Anthony, and their gorgeous pup, Hazel!

We started off the session by walking past the barn to a little bridge and trail. Hazel had time to sniff around and get comfortable while her parents and I got to know each other better. Once we finished up at the bridge, we headed down the trail a little ways - I spotted a tree in bloom, and couldn't resist checking it out. The tree was perfect, but the real surprise was the flock of peacocks we passed on our way down, and the skunk we saw on our way back. Luckily, no one got sprayed. We then headed over to another area of trails where we had previously seen a group on horseback going by. We took advantage of this spot to capture some family photos, and let Hazel sniff around some more.

As the sun started to drop a bit in the sky, we made our way back up toward the barn, where we found a fence to run Hazel alongside. She had a blast trying to catch her dad on the other side of the fence until she found a hole she could slip through to get to him. Our last stop for the evening was the lake. This is hands down my favorite spot here as is a pair of piers jutting over the lack that makes for a perfect stage. After getting hissed at by a goose (yes, I'm serious, it really happened), we took some more family photos, as well as some portraits of just Hazel, on the pier.

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