Last year, after becoming a founding member of One Last Network, I earned my certification as a pet loss grief specialist.

As a pet photographer, capturing the essence and beauty of our beloved animal companions is an essential part of my job. However, there is another aspect to my work that often goes overlooked - the emotional connection that pet parents have with their furbabies, and the grief that comes with losing them.

When I photograph pets, I'm not just capturing their physical appearance. I'm also capturing their personality, their unique quirks, and their bond with their guardians. When a pet passes away, it's a devastating experience for the pet parent, and the memories I've helped them capture through photos become even more precious. Understanding the grieving process and being able to empathize with my clients in their time of need helps me provide them with comfort and support.

By becoming a certified pet loss grief specialist, I now have a deeper understanding of the emotional impact of losing a pet, as well as the tools and techniques for supporting clients through their grief. This helps me to build stronger relationships with my clients, as well as provide them with the emotional support they need during such a difficult time. It also helps me to better understand the unique needs of grieving pet parents. For many pet parents, this means giving them a judgment-free space to grieve and process their emotions. In some cases, this may even include helping them to navigate the difficult decision of when to say goodbye to their pet.

Ultimately, becoming a certified pet loss grief specialist has helped me to become a better pet photographer by allowing me to provide more than just beautiful images of pets - I can offer emotional support and comfort to my clients during a time when they need it the most, and I can help them honor the memory of their pets and provide them with images that they will cherish for a lifetime.

Have a senior pet you'd love to create memories of? Contact me now to get your session scheduled. If your pet has limited time left with us, I promise to move heaven and earth to get their remembrance session scheduled ASAP, even when I'm fully booked.


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