I recently joined a 52-week pet photography group on Facebook as a personal goal to challenge my photographic creativity. The idea is a new theme will be posted each week, and the members have to take a new photo that fits that theme, and post it to their blog. I know it's a little late in the year to join, but I thought it would be nice to spend these last weeks of the year learning the ropes on this project.

So here I am, participating in my first week of this project, and I have to say - I'm stoked. This week's theme is Paint It Black, and it happened to coincide perfectly with a photoshoot for a client. I recently put out a model call for some equine clients, as I wanted to add horses to my portfolio. My first client was a gifted young woman who rides eventing.

While I have recently been intrigued with the many horse portraits I have seen of late with black backgrounds, I didn't intend to attempt this technique with this particular photoshoot. However, as I began editing the images from this session, I found I had a few images that were perfect candidates, including my absolute favorite from this session.

And voila!

Follow the rest of the Project 52 group blog circle to see how they all decided to "paint it black" in their pet photos this week. Next up is Darlene with Pant the Town Photography, serving MA and NH. Keep following the links at the end of each blog post until you make it back here to see all of this week's photos!

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