For those of you who may be new followers, you'll very quickly learn that although I have three dogs, Arawn, our middle child, is the darling. I know parents aren't supposed to admit to having a favorite, but we all know we're guilty of having one. With our three dogs, it wasn't hard for Arawn to become the favorite for both myself and my husband. We got him at 10 weeks old, compared to our other two, who came home at 2 years old and 5 months. Weighing in at 70 pounds, Arawn thinks he's a little lap dog, and is easily the most affectionate. He's also highly food motivated, and was the easiest to train. With that being said, anytime I want to check out a new location, Arawn is usually my go-to model because he's easier to shoot than the other two; one of them can't be trusted off leash, and the other can be extremely nervous is new places and situations.

So for this week's theme, park life, I wanted to get Arawn out to enjoy the last of the fall colors before the much-needed rain knocked the remaining leaves off the trees in our area. I had grand fantasies about burning autumn colors, photographing Arawn running through piles of leaves, and just generally having a blast. What I found was, unfortunately, I had missed out on a lot of the colors I was hoping to still find, and Arawn was less than cooperative. But don't worry - we still had a blast, and I was reminded why Arawn is so loveable.

Take a look at some of the fall colors we did find in the park this week!

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