It's that time of the week again, you guys! This week's theme is Perspective, which is great, because I've been thinking about writing a post with some tips on how to get better photographs of your dogs. I'll give you all a sneak peak this week with Tip #1: Don't be afraid to get a new perspective and get down to your dog's eye level. I truly think one of the things that separates pet photographers from other photographers who only photograph pets on occasion is our ability to see the world from a dog's point of view.

Think about the last time you photographed your own dog. I'm going to guess you were most likely standing above her, or leaning down over her. But have you ever tried getting down on the floor with her and shooting at her eye level? Maybe, and maybe it wasn't a success. When we get down on the same level as dogs, it's a natural instinct for them to want to come over and check us out, to try to get us to play with them. This is where being a pet photographer is a great thing, since we usually have an assistant who can help keep the dog in one place while we get down and shoot, whether it's a paid assistant or the dog's owner. If your dog has a solid stay, this can also be a huge help as you can place the dog and ask for a stay before getting down on the ground.

And when I say down on the ground, I mean on your stomach, dirt on your face, sitting in goose poop (yes, I've done that), knee-deep in a stream, whatever you have to do to get that dog's eye view perspective of the world. Check out my shot below to see what the world looks like down there.

Follow the rest of the Project 52 group blog circle to see their "perspective" on this week's theme. Next up is Susannah Maynard of Pet Love Photography, serving Greater Cincinnati, the San Francisco Bay Area, and destinations nationwide. Keep following the links at the end of each blog post until you make it back here to see all of this week's photos!

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