This week for the 52-week pet photography challenge it was photographer's choice. Now I'm sure you'd think I would be excited for this prompt since it gave me the freedom to do whatever I wanted. However, between my day job, my pet photography business, and my personal life, I have been so busy that I honestly just wanted someone to tell me what to do for the week. I was sorely tempted to skip this week, but then I remembered the promise I made to myself: Since there are so few weeks left in the year, I promised I would participate in every single one in order to learn the process and make this a habit I could continue into next year.

So what did my choice end up being? Fall is in full effect (finally!) here in Northern California so I opted in that direction. For those of you who don't know me very well yet, I have been incredibly lucky prior to starting my business that I have had numerous subjects available to me to practice on - my own pets, my family's pets, my incredibly photogenic sister and nephew. So for this week's challenge, I decided to use that to my advantage, and showcase my favorite season of the year.

In addition to showcasing the gorgeous colors of autumn, this photograph embodies one of the reasons I do what I do. As pet owners, we know our furry family members aren't given enough time on Earth with us. I think it's incredibly important that we cherish the time we have with them, and document their spirit and our unique bond with them. To me, this image does exactly that - it shares the beautiful bond between a boy and his dog.

Follow the rest of the Project 52 group blog circle to see their "photographer's choice" this week. Next up is Angela Schneider of Noses & Toes Pet Photography in Spokane and North Idaho. Keep following the links at the end of each blog post until you make it back here to see all of this week's photos!

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