What is your favorite part of your dog? Is it their super soft ears? Their boopable snoot? Do they have a unique coat color or pattern? A scar with an interesting story? No matter what you love most about your dog, I'll be sure to capture it during our session and fill the frame with their unique details.

One of the things that makes Kylee Doyle Photography unique from other photographers is that I offer a full service experience, beginning with a complimentary Design Consultation. During the Design Consultation, we have the opportunity to get to know each other, and I get to learn what it is that makes your dog so special. We discuss goals for the session, how to prepare, and what types of artwork you are interested in and would fit best in your home. This time is all about you and your pup. This is also the time when I get to learn about all those details that you love about your pup and want to remember forever.

For Taki, his furdad mentioned how much he loves his soft little ears and his curly tail. So I made sure to fill up the frame with those precious details.

Ready to capture your pup's perfect details? Schedule now and let me know what your favorite details are about your furbaby.

Don't forget to continue following the blog circle to see how everyone else filled up the frame. Up next is Linda Perdue of VPShoots Photography serving the Tampa Bay area.

have you heard?

I'm getting ready to launch my very first book project, Tails of Sacramento, and I want your dog to be a part of it!

Inspired by the love and light that dogs bring into our lives, and in partnership with Resilient Dog Rescue, 'Tails of Sacramento' will spotlight puppers from the greater Sacramento area alongside well-known Sacramento landmarks and locations.

Registration will be launching mid-August - you can sign up for Early Registration Notification below to be the first to notified when registration opens!

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