The theme for this week was "let there be light." As a photographer, light is one of the most important components of capturing an incredible image. As a natural light photographer, I am constantly gauging the quality and direction of light around me, deciding whether or not a particular location would be conducive for photography, and what time the light would be best. The master bedroom in my home faces west, and the trees in our backyard are still young enough that they don't block the light coming into the room at the peak of the afternoon. With the addition of our sheer curtains acting as a diffuser, I decided to tidy up the room a bit and use it for a late afternoon photoshoot with my cat.

Just some quick background before I show you how it all turned out. My cat, Chex, is an orange tabby that we adopted nine years ago while my husband was in the Air Force. My husband really wasn't interested in owning a cat, but when he got orders to deploy overseas for four months, I convinced him to let me get one so I wouldn't be alone during that time. Chex has been with me through two moves, two deployments, and two shootings in our terrifying apartment in Fairfield (don't worry, we weren't in any immediate danger during either of them). He was also my first model when I started my photography journey about five years ago. With my extra free time right now, coupled with the fact that National Tabby Day was this week (4/30), this was the perfect opportunity to give my oldest furbaby some updated portraits. Enjoy!

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