I want to start this week's blog post off my apologizing for my absence. Being involved in this blog circle has been great fun, and a wonderful challenge for me. However, due to some family medical issues, I have been less active on social media and my blog than I had intended for this year. However, things are looking up, and I'm committing to getting back to my regular activities.

This week's theme is negative space, something I absolutely love in photography. I like that it can be used to give the subject room to breathe, and in some instances, it can help to give a sense of scale. In the images below, that is exactly how I chose to use negative space. I have two subjects, a horse and a puppy, and I wanted to give a sense of how small they truly are in the vast landscape.

Follow the rest of the Project 52 group blog circle to check out their take on negative space. Next up is Terri J Photography, Toronto dog and family photographer. Keep following the links at the end of each blog post until you make it back here to see all of this week's photos!

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