Welcome back to another week of blogging! This week is all about shooting from above. What an awesome time this would have been to have a drone, right? As cool as drone photography is, it's definitely not something I'm looking to invest in at the moment. No, I've got my eye on a new lens and camera body in the (hopefully) near future ;)

This week gave me another opportunity to show off images from a few different sessions. Although each session is unique, and the images we capture are highly dependent on the dog, there are a few standard poses I always try to include. One of those is up above, looking down on the dog. I love this shot from a couple of reasons:

  1. Since I'm usually fairly close to the dog, I tend to get a lot of engagement.
  2. As a pet parent, this is how you see your dog all the time! When you look back on these images, I love for you to have something that reminds you of your dog in everyday life, not just on this one occasion.

Check out Indie, Lexilou, and Gordon at their Tails of Sacramento book sessions below.

Despite all being shot from above the dog, each image gives a unique perspective on the pup - and look at that engagement!

How would you like an image of your pup from above? I'm currently booking out into November - make sure you book now to get your pet portraits done before the holidays! And in case you didn't see it on my Instagram - book your session in November and I will donate $150 directly to Resilient Dog Rescue!

Don't forget to continue following the blog circle to see everyone else's shoots from above. Up next is Pawparazzi Pet and Animal Photography presented by Shae Pepper Photography.

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