Welcome to this week's blog circle post! The theme for this week is Sunrise/Sunset. Although I love shooting at sunrise, having a full-time day job that starts at 7am doesn't usually allow me time for morning sessions, so I opted for the 'Sunset' side of the theme. As some of you know, I live in a rapidly developing suburban neighborhood that is currently surrounded by open ranch land. Sadly, that land is being sold off to developers in pieces, and before we know it, we'll be surrounded by more urban sprawl than open land. I decided this week I wanted to take advantage of some of the open land we still have for my evening sunset session.

At what used to be the end of our neighborhood (now they're building more houses), there is a small retention pond. Dried up during the sweltering summer, the pond is still a fun place to go out and shoot with all the tall dried grass that surrounds it. A sign recently went up that the area behind the pond has been slated for a future park, and plans have been in discussion for what seems like forever to fill in the pond and turn the area into an elementary school. I'm not sure how much longer we'll have this spot, so I opted to take Arawn there one evening this past week.

Belgian malinois dog sitting in tall grass at sunset
Belgian malinois dog walking in front of tall grass

As you can see in the background, there are more houses just beginning to go up behind this area. I thought about using my Photoshop magic to remove them, but then decided against it - I've quite enjoyed documenting the changes around our area, and decided it told a better story.

Ready for your sunset photo session? Schedule now and we'll pick the perfect location to tell a story with your pup!

Don't forget to continue following the blog circle to see who decided to shoot at sunrise or sunset (or both!). Up next is Angela of Noses & Toes Pet Photography chasing the Spokane sunsets.

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