The theme for this week's blog circle is water. Since we've been in the middle of a series of heat waves in Sacramento, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to take Arawn down to the river for some fun in the water and to scout out a new location. I picked a spot on the American River that we used to frequent as kids. Unfortunately, when we got there, there were numerous signs posted around that the water in the area had tested positive for bacteria and not to swim. We decided to play it safe and keep Arawn out of the water, using the river as a backdrop instead. Sadly, this made this week's adventure far less exciting than I had hoped. I promise next week will be way more fun!

Is your dog a water lover? I'd love to schedule a personalized river or lake session for you and your pup! We're so fortunate to have the Sacramento River, American River, and Folsom Lake all in our backyard. Or we can take a short trip up to Lake Tahoe! Fill out my contact form to start planning your water session today. And don't worry, all locations used for client water sessions are scouted out prior to ensure they are safe for your pups!

Don't forget to follow the blog circle to check out everyone's water posts this week! Up next is Kelly Middlebrooks of Little White Dog Pet Photography in Sioux Falls, SD. Keep following the links until you make it back here to read the entire circle.

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