2020 was a bit of a shit show, huh? Unfortunately, we can't just follow the standard IT advice - turn it off and back on again to see if the issue is fixed. Despite everything that happened, 2020 wasn't a complete bust. Before hopping into the new year, I'd like to take a moment to thank 2020 for all its challenges and successes. Check out below for some highlights from 2020.

60 dogs photographed

19 shelter dogs photographed

1 cat photographed

8 birds photographed

1 book project started

28 books sessions completed

23 products sold

My most popular product in 2020 was my barnwood framed print, and I can't wait for you all to see some of the gorgeous products I'm going to be offering in 2021!

Now on to the best part - preparing for a new year full of new plans, new goals, and new beginnings! So what are my plans for 2021?

First off, I've joined the Hair of the Dog Academy Elevate coaching program to help me level up my business. This will help me to become a better photographer, a better businesswoman, and a better steward to all of my incredible clients.

Next, I'm planning some big things (shhh, I can't share all of them yet). The Tails of Sacramento book will be launching in spring (sign up here for the second round of registration opening in 1 week!), I will be announcing a calendar contest in summer, and I will be collaborating with a few super cool local businesses throughout the year!

I plan to grow my social media base, and I'll be hosting some fun activities and giveaways, so make sure you're following me! You can find me on Instagram, Facebook, and my Facebook VIP group.

Last year, I challenged myself to read at least 15 books, and ended up reading 22! So for 2021, I'll be bumping that up to 24. I'm also challenging myself to read more business books this year, so half of those 24 books will be personal, and half will be for business.

Speaking of challenges - I've also challenged myself to complete my CPP (Certified Professional Photographer) designation through PPA (Professional Photographers of America)!

I'd love to hear about your big plans for 2021 in the comments below.

Ready to start the new year with fabulous photos of your pets? Book your session for 2021 now!

Don't forget to continue following the blog circle to see everyone else's beginning to 2021. Up next is Pawtraits by Nicole, serving Las Vegas, Nevada and surrounding areas.

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