A lot of people don't realize this, but in addition to pet photography, I also offer commercial and branding photography to pet-related and pet-friendly businesses in the area. As a small business owner, one of my goals is to help support other local businesses. Recently, I did a personal branding session for my husband, Tony, for the brewery he is working to get off the ground, Painted Deer Brewing. Since he doesn't have a physical location yet, the images from this session were focused on him and the brewery's namesake, our dog Arawn (don't worry, I'll tell you the funny story about how this all relates in a bit).

Tony doesn't like to be the center of attention. However, since this session was all about him (and Arawn) so that he would have images to use on his website and social media to advertise himself, I made sure that he was the focus. I generally like to follow the rule of thirds since it allows people to interact more naturally with the image. For these images, though, it felt more appropriate for them to be more center-weighted.

Okay, okay, enough with that bit of boring technical stuff. I'm sure you're all dying to hear about Painted Deer Brewing.

So how did the name come about? One of Arawn's nicknames is Little Deer or Baby Deer, which is entirely appropriate if you've ever met him. He's tall, lean, and fawn colored. When he was younger, we had a few painting projects around the house, and Arawn somehow always managed to get some of the paint on himself (usually by rubbing against the wet paint). So he become our Little Painted Deer. When Tony decided to move forward with plans to open his own brewery (he's been successfully homebrewing for the last few years), he knew he wanted something that felt a bit rustic, a bit farmhouse-y, and paid homage to Arawn. (I know, we have two other dogs, but Arawn is Tony's favorite.) So he came up with the idea to call the brewery Painted Deer Brewing.

When is it expected to open? There's no date yet - Tony is still looking for the right location, and nailing out some of the fine details. However, he's always working on new recipes, so if you're ever interested in tasting some of his beers, you can connect with him through his website or Instagram.

What types of beers does Tony brew? Sticking with the farmhouse feel, he specializes in Saisons. Each beer is distinctive, from the hops and grains he uses, to the ingredients he adds in. He's been focusing a lot on unique, experimental flavors. Some of his recent creations have included carrot/maple leaf and shiitake mushroom. He also brews a variety of other beers from Kolsch to IPA to Gose, and everything in between.

Keep an eye on social media for announcements on the launch of Painted Deer Brewing.

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