did you create a new year's resolution?

Don't worry, I'm guilty - I didn't do mine either. Don't get me wrong - I set plenty of goals for my business for 2022, and even some personal ones (like my goal to read 28 books this year!). But I never consider what I do resolutions - that word just never really resonated with me. If you did make a resolution, good for you! And good luck being one of the 12% of Americans who actually follows through with them (don't quote me on that statistic, but I definitely remember reading it somewhere...).

Now, onto the good news - even though we're a week into the new year, it's not too late to set yourself a New Year's resolution. Whether it's been on your list of priorities to do for years, or it's a new thought for you, I'm going to challenge you to set this as your resolution - have photos taken of you with your dog. Hire a pet photographer, have your boyfriend take them, or put your cell phone on a tripod and do it yourself. Whichever way you go, just promise me you'll do it! (Okay, I really do recommend you hire a professional photographer for the full experience and to help you create gorgeous artwork).

Why do I think this is important enough to create an entire resolution for it? Just follow along to find out my 3 reasons why pet parents should have photos taken with their dogs this year.

1. to capture and celebrate your bond

How many photos of your pup do you have on your phone? Hundreds? Thousands? ...how many of them include you? I'll bet not even 1% of them capture you and your furbaby together. I know - it's hard to take a selfie with a dog. Plus, selfies generally don't capture the whole picture. In twenty years when you're fondly remembering your pup and looking back on images, don't you want to see how they looked at you with complete devotion? Or how they always used to lick you in the face, or smile when you snuggled them a little too tight?

2. to create gorgeous artwork to decorate your home

When you walk into your home, wouldn't you love to see a big canvas of your pup? Wouldn't it be even more special if it was a big canvas of you and your pup sharing a special moment? Now, you might be thinking, "I don't want people to see a giant photo of me on my walls and think I'm self-centered." Trust me - they won't. They'll see the incredible bond that you and your dog share (and they'll probably be a little jealous). And if you're still self-conscious, try hanging the image in a room in the house where only you'll see it, such as your bedroom. Then, you can get warm fuzzy feelings from looking at it every night before you go to bed.

3. your dog won't be around forever

As much as we wish our dogs lived forever, sadly, they don't. And while you might find yourself promising you'll have pictures done eventually, you never know what could happen. Some of the most common things I hear as a pet photographer are, "I wish I had done this with my last dog before he passed" and "I wish I had done this sooner when my dog was young and full of energy." The biggest piece of advice I can impart is this: Don't wait until it's too late.

Convinced you need to have photographs taken with your pup? Book your complimentary Discovery Call now to start planning your 2022 Pet Portrait Session.


Don't forget to continue following the blog circle to read other pet photographers' takes on resolutions and having photos done with your pet. Up next is Angela Schneider of Big White Dog Photography in Spokane, WA, making plans to have pet portraits with her dog.

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