If you've ever tried to take photos of your own pets, you know how difficult it can be - they never seem to sit still long enough, or you can't get them to look at you, or they just think you're trying to play and they want to jump all over you. Sound familiar? Don't worry - it happens with my dogs, too. That's why I'm here to share a little secret with you - hiring a pet photographer to take portraits of your furbabies is 100% worth the investment!

But can't I just hire a family photographer and include Fido in the session? Sure, but in most instances, you won't get the same quality images of your pet as you would if you hire someone who focuses solely on pets. What's the saying? Jack of all trades but master of none? Since pet photographers focus solely on - you guessed it - pets, we've mastered the art of bringing out the qualities you love most and translating it into art.

I've put together a few fun reasons why, if you're looking to have photographs taken of Fifi, you should definitely hire a pet photographer.

small black dog sitting on concrete stairs in a shopping center
we're not afraid...

....to get covered in slobber, roll in the mud, and lay on goose poop (yes, I did that once). We know that capturing the perfect image of your pet often requires us to get uncomfortable. Sometimes that means lying on the ground at their level, getting hit in the face with a ball, or even wading out into a river. We come prepared for all these scenarios, and more!

we know all the tricks...

...to hold your dog's attention and get those fun head tilts. It's not just about calling out your dog's name or saying "cookie" over and over. Dogs love novel noises so we carry lots of different squeakers, noise making apps, and even know how to bark, meow, and make general fools of ourselves. We also make sure to learn what things excite your dog, and any key words or phrases that might trigger them.

small black dog standing in front of a wall made from fancy concrete bricks, near a blue door that reads 'tails'
we have special training...

...in animal behavior. This allows us to watch for signs of stress and help your pet have the best time ever! We also take the time to ensure you pet is comfortable with us, the environment, and the equipment is working with. If your pup startles at the sound of our camera firing, we'll make sure to reward them with treats and praise until they have a positive association.

we're pet parents too...

...so we know how important your bond with your pet is. We also know that your pet is your family, and we want them to be the focal point in the images we create for you. Nothing says I love my pup quite like a 30"x40" canvas hanging right in the middle of the living room!

living room with a fireplace and chairs, and a framed photo of a black dog hanging above the fireplace

Ready to have custom portraits of your pet created by a pet expert? Book your session now!

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